Vivaligne Laboratory, based in France, is recognized as ‘the Anti-Ageing specialist’, in the field of medical cosmetology.

Combining medical research and cosmetology, Vivaligne is recognized as ‘the Age Specialist’.

Vivaligne, with the support of its R&D Centre Regentis-Pharma, in the Faculty of Medicine, Reims has developped partnerships with medical faculties and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) to keep innovating to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

The alliance between Science and Medicine, serving your beauty

16220536-scientifique-avec-compte-gouttes-au-laboratoire-Banque-d'images 2Vivaligne’s major innovation is its comprehension of INFLAMM-AGE mecanisms, including regeneration, but also tissue deterioration to prevent skin-ageing processes with Kappa-Elastin, whose biological properties are remarkable and scientifically proven.

Kappa-Elastin is a real anti-ageing molecule with in-depth action which allows the skin to rebuild and maintain its elastic tissue, and youthfulness.

100 % Made In France

Kappa-elastineVivaligne Laboratory manages the entire manufacturing process : from the creation of our exclusive Kappa-Elastine molecule, to its formulation, manufacturing, packaging and logistics, and Vivaligne products are 100 % Made in France !

Science serving your beauty : anti-ageing skincare K’Derm line, with bio-peptides of Kappa-Elastin, patented by Vivaligne Laboratory is at the cutting edge of technology. Our products are approved by several dermatologists, and listed in Vidal, the French Doctor’s Medical Reference Book.

Private label/Co-Branding options are available.


Research of innovative treatments in the field of tissue regeneration to enhance its efficacy

Vivaligne’s R&D centre, Regentis-Pharma, is a start-up company in the Medical Faculty of Reims. This innovative biotechnology company focuses its research on an ambitious mission : to repair and regenerate tissue.

The Regentis-Pharma scientific team focuses strategically on identifying and developing new synthetic, or natural bifunctional/trifunctional peptides, to market cosmetic products, medical devices and treatments.

Regentis-Pharma’s mission is to develop innovative curative treatments, to repair and regenerate tissue. This mission has many areas of practical application:

  • Dermocosmetics (cutaneous ageing)
  • Healing curative processes (victims of severe burns,…)
  • Periodontal disease
  • Bone regeneration
  • Cardiovascular disease



French National Centre for Scientific Research


Faculty of Medecine
in Reims


Mediterranean Association of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

CHRUResearch Centre and University Hospital in Montpellier


Faculty of Science in Rouen

HBWZCLM-1Kyomed : collaborative innovation platform