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New from K’Derm: Skin Beauty dietary supplements

New from K'Derm: Skin Beauty dietary supplements Its totally innovative, unique formula includes 5 active ingredients whose combined action helps restore the skin’s youthfulness and beauty, such as Kappa-Elastin, a patented anti-ageing molecule. Capsules Lifter Beautiful Skin had been especially formulated to combat the signs of ageing, as the skin begins to slacken and lose [...]

Kappa-Elastin: the interview with Dr. Ritter

Kappa-Elastin: the interview with Dr. Ritter A researcher at the R&D centre (research and development) of the Laboratoire Vivaligne, Dr. Ritter tells you more about Kappa-Elastin. Developed by researchers in hospitals and universities, this molecule has many scientifically proven properties on skin aging and therefore wrinkles. All our products

A dermatologist informs you

Cutaneous ageing is due to physical agents like solar radiation, and climatic factors…as well as to internal factors related to the natural senescence of cutaneous tissue. It appears through the atrophy of the skin and a qualitative and quantitative deterioration of derm. Derm : It has two principal components : The fundamental substance, glycosaminoglycans (structural […]

K’Derm : The Results

K’Derm provides proven results, tested in the presence of a bailiff, after 28 days of daily use, on young and adult patients, and on all types of skin. The results are significant : 90,3 % : Immediately smoother skin 93,5 % : Hydration increase 96,8 % : Skin firmness and tone improvement 96,8 % : […]

Cutaneaous ageing : Why ? And how to fight it ?

Skin ageing is an unavoidable phenomenon … Wrinkles and fine lines, as any other cutaneous change, are only an image on our face of the passing of time. As for our entire body, our skin undergoes changes along the time. For a better understanding of what we fight against, CosmeticObs – L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques – gives […]