For 15 years, Vivaligne Laboratory has been recognised as ‘the Age Specialist’ in the field of medical cosmetology.

With the support of its R&D Centre, in the Faculty of Medicine, Reims, Vivaligne keeps innovating with unique understanding and expertise of tissue deterioration and regeneration.

Thanks to Kappa-Elastin, a unique and innovative molecule created by medical researchers, Vivaligne brings the absolute scientific solution to skin ageing.

The remarkable biological properties of this molecule have been scientifically proven, and highlighted in several scientific and medical publications worldwide.

Vivaligne has developped anti-ageing skincare treatments its specialist K’Derm line of, with bio-peptides of Kappa-Elastin, to enable women and men to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of their skin.



Face care & Eye contour care

Thanks to their unique and innovative formulation, K’Derm’s Kappa-Elastin based skincare products increase moisture levels and the elasticity of your face and eye contours, with anti-wrinkle, toning and regenerative actions.

Body care

A smooth and healthy skin requires daily care. The K’Derm body skincare products nourish, repair and soften all types of skin, and combat skin ageing.

Dietary supplement

In addition to K’Derm’s skincare products, K’Derm dietary supplement is formulated with active ingredients whose combined action helps to restore the skin’s youthfulness and beauty :Kappa-Elastine, Selenium, Vitamins, …



From what age shoud K’Derm products be used ?

Scientists have shown that our biological clock is programmed in such a way that the skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity from the age of 25 to 30.
By stimulating and regenerating the skin’s natural elastin fibres, Kappa-Elastin not only helps prevent wrinkles but also moisturises and nourishes your skin. With this deep-down action, Kappa-Elastin helps delay the effects of skin ageing.