The Lifter Masque-Peeling (Lifter Peeling Mask) and the Lifter Masque Nutri-Repair ( Lifter Nutri-Repair Mask) are two complimentary facial masks which work in perfect harmony.

The Lifter Masque-Peeling (Lifter Peeling Mask) firms the facial skin and helps to eliminate dead skin cells. By gently massaging into the skin with the fingertips, its lifting effect is completed with a refining and unifying action on the complexion. It will give our skin a real boost of youthfulness whilst providing all the moisture* it requires.
We recommend using the mask once a week.

The Lifter Masque Nutri-Repair (Lifter Nutri-Repair Mask) provides your skin with a true burst of oxygen and offers it remarkable nourishment and comfort.

Its restructuring and repairing properties allow the skin to regenerate and replenish itself on a deep level. This mask may be used once or twice a week.

Both these masks have light fragrances and delicate textures and they do not dry out on the skin, avoiding any feeling of irritation or pulling.

For best results, after using either of the facial masks, we recommend gently massaging the face with a few drops of Sérum Lifting (Lifter Lifting Serum) ; and finishing with the Lifter NUIT (Lifter Night).

* moisturising of the upper layers of the epidermis