Make-up removal

Effective make-up removal is said to be the first anti-ageing step. It is indispensable to thoroughly cleanse the face twice a day: in the morning in order to remove all night-time skin secretions during, and in the evening to remove make-up and impurities which have accumulated throughout the day.

Make-up removal is therefore an essential factor of skin care, in that it prepares the skin to fully receive the benefits of care creams and serums.

K’Derm’s Solution Micellaire (Lifter Micellar Solution) gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes.
It also soothes and decongests the skin, whilst preventing any feeling of irritation and stinging. It does not dry out the skin.

The K’Derm Creams and the Repair Gel

The next step is to apply the Lifter JOUR (Lifter Day). If you feel that your skin needs it, you may also apply the Lifter Gel Réparateur (Lifter Repair Gel) on the areas of the face and neck which are most prone to ageing.
The Lifter Gel réparateur (Lifter Repair Gel) may be applied mornings and/or evenings. It should always be applied before the Lifter JOUR (Lifter Day) or the Lifter NUIT (Lifter Night).
Every evening, after cleansing the skin with the Solution Micellaire (Lifter Micellar Solution), apply the Lifter Gel Réparateur (Lifter Repair Gel) and then the Lifter NUIT (LifterNight).

The Lifter Lifting Serum

Apply the serum daily for a period of 21 days (4 times a year), preferably in the evening, before the Lifter NUIT (Lifter Night).
During the treatment period with the Lifting Serum, do not used the Lifter Gel Réparateur (Lifter Repair Gel) in the evening. You may however use the Repair Gel in the morning before the Lifter JOUR (Lifter Day).

The facial treatment masks

At least once a week, take the time to pamper yourself and offer your face a treatment mask. Alternate the Masque-peeling (Lifter Peeling Mask) and the Masque nutri-repair (Lifter Nutri-Repair Mask).
If your skin is very dry and fragile, we recommend using only the Masque Nutri-Repair (Lifter Nutri-Repair Mask).
If your skin is oily, we recommend that you use the Masque-peeling (Lifter Peeling Mask).
The Masque Apaisant Contour des Yeux ( Lifter Soothing Eye Mask) may be used as often as desired, to soothe and decongest the fragile area around the eyes, and help reduce dark rings and eye bags, and reduce signs of tiredness.