Lifter Day Cream

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Lifter Day Cream

50 ml glass jar

Enriched with vitamins A, E, F and Pro B5, this Lifter Day with bio-peptides of Kappa-Elastin has a single anti-radical action: hydrating, toning and nourishing your skin. The Lifter Day penetrates deeply into the sub-cutaneous layers of skin. Thanks to this, the levels of elastin in your skin will reach optimum levels. Your skin will have the ability to protect and strengthen its own elasticity. It will become more toned and supple and your face visibly softer and rejuvenated. The rich ingredients of the K’Derm Lifter Day also reduces skin ageing, caused by external aggressions, for example, damage caused by exposure to climatic extremes in hot, or cold climates.


Apply each morning to the face and neck areas.
Also provides an excellent base for foundation. Suitable for all skin types, without irritation or allergy.

K’Derm : Science serving your beauty

Medical Cosmetology skin care product, recommended by dermatologists

Kappa-Elastin: a unique and patented revolutionary anti-aging molecule

Proven efficacity, supported by pharmacological et clinical studies

Proven results

  • Reduction in facial lines
  • Increased moisture
  • Reduction in skin ageing, caused by external aggressions
  • Reduction in visible signs of tiredness
Additional information

Additional information

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Reviews (59)

59 reviews for Lifter Day Cream

  1. French


    Vraiment excellent la texture rends la peau lisse . Odeur agréable

  2. French


    Texture douce, odeur agréable. Quel plaisir d’utiliser cette crème chaque matin.

  3. French


    je suis satisfaite , je la trouve efficace, elle rend le teint uniforme

  4. French

    Martine (verified owner)

  5. French

    Frédérique (verified owner)

  6. French

    Marie Jeanne Limousin (verified owner)

  7. French

    Anne (verified owner)

    Très bon produit. Je le recommande

  8. French

    evelyne pantaleo (verified owner)

  9. French

    monique (store manager)

  10. French

    Nathalie (verified owner)

  11. French

    evelyne pantaleo (verified owner)

  12. French

    PATRICIA FLITI (verified owner)

  13. French

    Caroline B. (verified owner)

  14. French

    evelyne pantaleo (verified owner)

  15. French

    Anne (verified owner)

  16. French

    Annick Gastaldi (verified owner)

    Entre ma commande et la livraison de mon colis très bien et rapide. En plus je peux suivre l’évolution de mon colis.

  17. French

    Gislaine BEAUCOURT (verified owner)

  18. French

    evelyne pantaleo (verified owner)

  19. French

    ALAIN B. (verified owner)

  20. French

    Pereira Maria Amalia (verified owner)

    Três bonne

  21. French

    Barbara Curchod (verified owner)

  22. French

    Sylvie (verified owner)

    fluide, non grasse,rend la peau hydratée et souple

  23. French

    SYLVIE (verified owner)

  24. French

    dominique (verified owner)

  25. French

    Julie E. (verified owner)

  26. French

    Odile Bouhallier (verified owner)

  27. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

  28. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

  29. French

    Brigitte FRANCOIS (verified owner)

  30. French

    Solange Chanut (verified owner)

    Pas de problème .

  31. French

    CAROLE M. (verified owner)

    Très agréable et parfaitement hydratante

  32. French

    Françoise Salas (verified owner)

  33. French

    Isabelle Jubert (verified owner)

    me convient parfaitement, malheureusement trop cher

  34. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

  35. French

    PATRICIA FLITI (verified owner)

  36. French

    Dominique DESPAGNET (verified owner)

    Je la connais bien et je l’adore !

  37. French

    Valérie Debiais (verified owner)

    Après avoir tester des centaines de crèmes de la plus cher à la plus connue, j ai enfin trouvé celle qui me correspond !! Et vraiment par hasard, merci Françoise !

  38. French

    Sylvie legendre (verified owner)

  39. French

    Annette Gombert (verified owner)

    Même réaction qu’avec le sérum, alors que le sérum premium et l’antiâge global utilisés précédemment sont parfaits pour ma peau (j’aimerais comprendre pourquoi!)
    Merci pour l’huile elle est géniale !

  40. French

    Evelyne S. (verified owner)

    Envoi rapide – bien protégé – Joli cadeau inattendu

  41. French

    YVELISE SOUBIEUX (verified owner)

    Comme le lifter nuit c’est vraiment des produits d exception, merci encore pour le cadeau merci merci

  42. French

    Claudine Toutard jaladeau (verified owner)

    Tout ces produits sont super

  43. French

    ALAIN B. (verified owner)

  44. French

    Sylvie (verified owner)

  45. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    utilisation depuis un an, très confortable sur la peau

  46. French

    Evelyne S. (verified owner)

    Produits que je connais très bien et que j’aime beaucoup. Je commande toujours chez Vivaligne. Il y a toujours un petit cadeau pour moi que j’apprécie beaucoup. Emballage parfait, rien à dire. Livraison parfaite !!!

  47. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

  48. French

    Sylvie Legendre (verified owner)

  49. French

    Cecile B. (verified owner)

  50. French

    Jocelyne Etelbert (verified owner)

  51. French

    Sylvie l. (verified owner)

  52. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    Super produit

  53. French

    Sylvie (verified owner)

  54. French

    PATRICIA FLITI (verified owner)

    Effet hydratant lifting en continue

  55. French

    Roselyne (verified owner)

    Parfait,creme fluide facile à appliquer merci

  56. French

    Brigitte Birckel (verified owner)

  57. French

    Claudine Toutard jaladeau (verified owner)

  58. French

    Brigitte Birckel (verified owner)

    Très bon produit

  59. French

    Isabelle Pouzeratte (verified owner)

    Très bien

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