Lifter Day Cream




Lifter Day Cream

50 ml glass jar

Enriched with vitamins A, E, F and Pro B5, this Lifter Day with bio-peptides of Kappa-Elastin has a single anti-radical action: hydrating, toning and nourishing your skin. The Lifter Day penetrates deeply into the sub-cutaneous layers of skin. Thanks to this, the levels of elastin in your skin will reach optimum levels. Your skin will have the ability to protect and strengthen its own elasticity. It will become more toned and supple and your face visibly softer and rejuvenated. The rich ingredients of the K’Derm Lifter Day also reduces skin ageing, caused by external aggressions, for example, damage caused by exposure to climatic extremes in hot, or cold climates.


Apply each morning to the face and neck areas.
Also provides an excellent base for foundation. Suitable for all skin types, without irritation or allergy.

K’Derm : Science serving your beauty

Medical Cosmetology skin care product, recommended by dermatologists

Kappa-Elastin : a revolutionary anti-ageing molecule shaped by CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Proven efficacity, supported by pharmacological et clinical studies

Proven results

  • Reduction in facial lines
  • Increased moisture
  • Reduction in skin ageing, caused by external aggressions
  • Reduction in visible signs of tiredness
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Additional information

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