Keeping the body skin well hydrated…
Feeling healthy and happy in our bodies is surely one of the most important things in the world. So let’s show our bodies how important they are and take good care of them !

The Lifter Corps (Lifter Body) is a caring body cream enriched with Kappa-Elastin, to be used morning and evening. It moisturises the skin deep down and restores its firmness. For those who prefer the texture of an oil, K’Derm has developed a body subliming oil: a dry oil which nourishes, repares and softens the skin deeply yet gently. With its exceptional penetrating capacity, this multi-purpose oil is easily absorbed by the body, face and even hair, providing the optimum moisture level and leaving the skin beautifully highlighted with its subtle golden sparkle. For a guaranteed a sublime effect !

Pregnancy, weight gain.. how can stretch marks be avoided ? A stretch mark is simply the skin cracking due to a lack of elasticity. Kappa-Elastin possesses the remarkable capacity to restore the elasticity and tone that your skin needs. In the case of rapid weight gain or stretching of the skin, the Lifter Corps (Lifter Body) is the ideal beauty solution. Paying special attention to the zones prone to stretching (hips, thighs, tummy, etc.), apply the cream morning and evening. For existing stretch marks, The Lifter Sérum Gel Réparateur (Lifter Repair Gel) should be applied first, followed by the Lifter Corps(Lifter Body).

Not to be forgotten: our hands !
Often forgotten and somewhat mistreated, the skin on our hands can betray us without us realising: it is often said that a woman’s age can be seen by looking at her hands ! For best results, the Lifter Mains (Lifter hands) should be applied 2 or 3 times a day, or as often as desired. This specific care cream powerfully regenerates the skin of the hands in record time. Its benefits are felt immediately and the The Lifter Mains (Lifter Hands) leaves a non-oily protective film over the hands.

The added plus: Try it on your feet! Indulge in a quick foot massage with the Lifter Mains (Lifter Hands) for a deliciously soothing and softening daily treat.