Lifter Micellar Solution




Lifter Micellar Solution

150 ml bottle

K’Derm brings you Lifter Micellar Solution for the face and eye areas. This effective make-up remover contains all the essential elements you need to deep cleanse your skin. It also guarantees that you get the best results from your creams and serums.

Opt for a perfectly cleansed skin, which is smoother and more radiant

The Lifter Micellar Solution cleanses your skin and gently removes every trace of make-up from the face and eye areas.
An original formula, the micro cells trap dirt and make-up, so Kappa-Elastin can rehydrate* your skin and fight against the signs of skin ageing. Additionally, the Micellar Solution from K’Derm soothes, decongests and protects against irritation. It does not dry your skin.


Use the K’Derm Lifter Micellar Solution daily, in the morning and evening. Soak cotton wool with a few drops of Solution and cleanse your face, including the eye area. Repeat this cleansing action until the cotton wool is perfectly clear. To dry, pat the skin delicately with fingertips, without rinsing beforehand. Then apply the Lifter Day or Lifter Night.

Suitable for all skin types.

K’Derm : Science serving your beauty

Medical Cosmetology skin care product, recommended by dermatologists

Kappa-Elastin : a revolutionary anti-ageing molecule shaped by CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Proven efficacity, supported by pharmacological et clinical studies

Proven results

  • A perfectly cleansed skin, which is smoother and more radiant.

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