The eye contour is a particularly fine and fragile area of the skin.
It has its own unique characteristics, including the following:
– the dermis is 5 times finer than the rest of the facial skin
– this area of the face is poorly protected from external damage
– this part of the skin is in constant motion
– it is a more sensitive zone with less support fibres and fundamental structure than elsewhere

The first signs of premature skin ageing appear in this zone, in the form of crows’ feet, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, which reveal the fragility and degeneration of the elastic tissues.

This specific part of the face requires specific care products, since each of the different problems (circles, bags, wrinkles, puffiness, etc.) has a different physiological cause.

With their high concentration of Kappa-Elastin and plant extracts, the K’Derm care products provide a solution for each specific need of the eye contour area.
These care products are fragrance free and paraben free. Dermatologically tested. Non-irritating, hypo-allergic formulas.

– Anti-Wrinkle Correcting Fluid
– Tinted Anti-Dark Circle Fluid
– Soothing Eye Mask



The venous and lymphatic circulation of the eye contour involves a network of large-sized vessels.
The waste products present in this zone are naturally eliminated by return circulation via these vessels. If this elimination process is deficient, blood pigments may accumulate in the conjunctive tissues instead of passing through the vessels, giving the skin a colour which varies between yellow and black, this is how dark circles are formed.
They appear firstly in the inside corner of the eyes, since this is where the main circulatory network is located.
There are several possible causes: hereditary factors, tiredness or stress, which bring about modifications in the lymphatic network which contracts by a reflex reaction, according to each individual’s level of sensitivity.


The eyes are positioned on little cushions formed of small fat deposits, separated by walls of conjunctive tissue, which are constantly solicited by the eye muscles. As the skin of the eyelids is very fine, this fat can form a small protrusion, causing what is commonly known as bags under the eyes. Since the skin becomes slacker with age, the appearance of eye bags tends to worsen with age.